Lotta Backlund - The host

Speaker, writer, podcaster, columnist

Lotta Backlund is a comms and media pro from Helsinki. Professionally she’s a writer and podcaster and entirely unprofessionally she is a funny, cool mother of a pre-teen (pre-teen might not agree). Lotta knows employer branding through her work at the multinational mobile gaming powerhouse but also outside work by being member of the board at Finders Seekers. Before her time at Rovio she worked as Special Advisor to the Mayor of Helsinki which was preceded by an 8-year stint at Warner Bros, Finland.

Christina Poulsen - Head of Employee Engagement, Metso

Building an Employer Brand from Inside Out

Christina is a people-oriented leader who is passionate about building a positive working culture, which shines also externally. She has over two decades of experience in driving communications and employee engagement initiatives in globally operating public companies. Christina has successfully led KONE’s strategy and internal communications and currently serves as the Head of Employee Engagement at Metso. Her vision is a company culture where all employees feel like the ambassadors for the company and making a positive change.

Christina will share insights on how to build an employer brand from inside out. She will unravel the significance of culture development as the foundation for a robust employer brand, highlight the pivotal role of employees as culture influencers, and provide a global perspective on effective employer branding strategies.

Anna Bertoldini - Senior Social Media Influencer & Brand Manager, NielsenIQ

How to humanize your brand through storytelling and social advocacy

Anna is passionate about helping global companies communicate their mission and purpose with authentic and engaging storytelling. After working many years in employer branding, she’s transitioned into NIQ’s Global Brand Marketing Center of Excellence (COE) and is focused on strengthening NIQ’s brand story across social, reinforcing the organization’s thought leadership, and amplifying its global voice through social advocacy and influencer and brand partnerships.

Anna will share insights on why it’s time for organizations to have a face. As people around the globe seek more connectedness and human experiences, it’s more important than ever to humanize your brand. Enter H2H marketing, a powerful way to communicate your purpose, value, solution, and culture to attract and retain talent and customers while empowering and highlighting employee voices.

Kadi Poll - Global employer Branding Manager, Bolt

Transforming tactical Employer Branding actions into strategic successes

Kadi’s professional background is in marketing, where she has led marketing teams for various media companies. She then transitioned to the tech sector, becoming the first employer branding person for Bolt.

Kadi will share insights into Bolt’s internal collaboration, strategies for securing internal buy-in, examples with tangible ROI, and methods for transforming tactical ideas into strategic successes.


Markus Weckman, VP Corporates, The Upright Project

Including impact & sustainability as part of a credible employer brand

Markus Weckman is VP, Corporates at Upright, a technology company building a new type of an AI-enabled quantification model to measure the net impact of companies. Upright is on a mission to create concrete incentives for companies to optimize their net impact, by enabling more fact-based decision-making for investors, customers, employees, and public sector agents. Before Upright, Markus worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Markus will share insights into how companies can include impact and sustainability as part of a credible employer brand. He will discuss the relevance of these topics for employer branding and share advice on what to do and not to do in practice.