The Magnet Employer Branding Awards reward Finnish employers in several categories. The purpose of the competition is to highlight works that not only show a high strategic and creative level but also create measurable results and return on investment. Internal and/or external. The juries for each competition category navigate according to five main criteria for contribution assessment. 

Competing entries must have been published and active in Finland between January 2022 and December 2022. Or be part of an employer’s global employer communication.

This category is all about building the foundation for employer branding work. We are looking for those companies that have established an employer brand strategy with key focus areas, creating a clear employer value proposition (EVP) for their target talent segment, and have an. actionable roadmap for EB activations in 2022.

In this category, we’re looking for employee advocacy initiatives that have generated interest, participation, buzz, and continuous engagement over time, retention, and direct impact on the company’s personnel growth and employee pride. E.g. Ambassador programs, mentoring programs, referral programs, ERGs, and communities of practice/interest etc.

In this category, we’re looking for employer brand professionals, who do this as their primary focus area. They have extensive knowledge in EB, and a proven track record of developing the brand strategy, managing the entire employer branding palette of initiatives, and acting as a thought leaders in the industry.

In this category, we are looking for the best employer brand awareness campaign that can be for example promoting your new EVP or career website etc. It can also have a recruitment marketing aspect to it, but the primary target should be brand awareness. These are typically longer campaigns. We focus heavily on the impact of the campaign.

This category is all about creativity, innovativeness, boldness, and thinking outside the box. We’re looking for employer brand activations that push the envelope e.g. campaigns, videos, events, guerilla marketing tactics, etc. This need to be differentiative and potentially something disruptive in your own industry.

The Magnet Employer Brand Award Grand Prix is selected by the judges based on nominations to the above categories. This is THE Employer Branding award in Finland, which is given to the most loved (external output) and cared (internal investment) employer brand.

Judging Criteria

Please explain in detail what was done, what the process was like, who participated along the process and what were the tangible end deliverables (the concrete end result). Everything you can share about the return on investment and the qualitative and quantitative achievements is very much appreciated by the judges.We’ll be judging the submitted works based on the following criteria:

Examples of what you could add but not limited to:

  • Timelines and roadmap with key milestones
  • Key focus areas
  • Key talent segments
  • Goals & KPIs

Examples of what you could add but not limited to:

  • How you have incorporated DEI aspects
  • Share some DEI related numbers
  • Renewed photography
  • Use of gender neutral language in e.g. job ads & career page
  • Internal impact
  • Impact on customers

Examples of what you could add but not limited to:

  • Concrete examples of the impact of the EB initiative (e.g. employees are happier (retention), impact on the career site)
  • Data trends based on the KPIs – (e.g. increase in inbound leads, increase in awareness)
  • Qualitative feedback from candidates, employees, even business/investors on experience of the company’s employer image.

Examples of what you could add but not limited to:

  • Explain thought process behind an idea and it’s novelty
  • Show how this is differentiating approach
  • Add imagery and/or videos

Examples of what you could add but not limited to:

  • How involved are your employees with this project/overall EB work
  • E.g. increase in eNPS score due to x (employee engagement survey results)
  • Engagement rate of employees shared by your employees
  • Testimonials from employees who have participated in EB activities

Career growth as an EB professional (e.g. achievements with limited budget, team leadership, renewing EVP etc.)

The last day for submission of entries is Tuesday 7th of February 2023.