Finders Seekers is a team of cross-functional employer branding, talent acquisition, and employee experience professionals. Our employer branding approach builds awareness, attraction, and retention in your niche talent market through holistic EB services on a global level. We believe genuine employee experience, co-creation and bold ideas informed by data enable magnetic employer brands.

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Instar’s goal is to help organizations to be attractive employers who have motivated, dedicated, and loyal employees. We do different surveys and research, consultations, and help organize campaigns in order to grow strong employer brands. Instar has experience in HR, marketing, communication, and design. We offer different employer branding services based on clients’ needs and wishes.

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Miltton helps clients succeed in executing their strategies by helping them be better employers. Employers, who are recognized and appreciated by the right kind of people. We do this by designing, developing, and communicating an employee experience that works for the talent that the organization needs the most. We can help you with most of your talent challenges. 

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Universum is the most recognised Employer Branding specialist in the world. Part of the StepStone Group and Axel Springer family, our diverse workforce is physically present in over 20 countries. We ensure employers around the world achieve their goals through data-driven Employer Branding. Consequently, this enables them to engage the talent they need to succeed.


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Alma Jobly – Jobly for short – is Finland’s leading digital job search service. Jobly is 100 percent owned by Alma Media and part of Alma Career. The service utilizes Alma’s reliable media, solutions, technologies and data. People can search for the most suitable job using different types of competence, hard and soft skills and values. This deepens the understanding between the job seeker and the employer and enhances finding the best match. Jobly operates transparently, sharing Alma Media’s responsible values. Jobly’s predecessor was known as

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