The EB Magnet Award is happening in Finland on the 24.4.2024!

Event location:  Miltton office, Sörnäisten Rantatie 15, Helsinki

Time: 12-19 pm

12:00 -12:30 Pre-mingle & light lunch

Get ready to mingle! Take this time to roam around, reconnect with old faces, introduce yourself to new ones, and engage in casual conversations. This is your chance to exchange ideas and forge valuable professional relationships, all while enjoying a light lunch.

12:30- 12-45 Welcoming speech

The event kicks off with a warm and inviting welcome speech delivered by the organizing committee.

12:45- 13:15 How to humanize your brand through storytelling and social advocacy

Anna Bertoldini, Senior Social Media Influencer & Brand Manager at NielsenIQ

It’s time for organizations to have a face. As people around the globe seek more connectedness and human experiences, it’s more important than ever to humanize your brand. Enter H2H marketing, a powerful way to communicate your purpose, value, solution, and culture to attract and retain talent and customers while empowering and highlighting employee voices.

13:15 - 13:45 Building and Employer Brand from inside out

Christina Poulsen, Head of Employee Engagement at Metso

Christina will share insights on how to build an employer brand from inside out. She will unravel the significance of culture development as the foundation for a robust employer brand, highlight the pivotal role of employees as culture influencers, and provide a global perspective on effective employer branding strategies.

13:45- 14:00 Break

Very short break to air your brains.

14:00 -14:20 Including impact & sustainability as part of a credible employer brand

Markus Weckman,  VP Corporates, at The Upright Project

Markus will share insights on how to include impact and sustainability as part of a credible employer brand.

14:20-14:50 Transforming tactical Employer Branding actions into strategic successes

Kadi Poll, Global Employer Branding Manager at Bolt

Kadi will share insights into Bolt’s internal collaboration, strategies for securing internal buy-in, examples with tangible ROI, and methods for transforming tactical ideas into strategic successes.

14:50- 15:15 Networking Break

Continue networking and mingling with fellow attendees, all while enjoying light snacks.

15:15- 16:45 Magnet Awards Ceremony

Let’s celebrate the best employer brand initiatives and professionals in Finland. The Magnet Employer Branding Awards is the crowning ceremony of a competition about creativity, communication, strategy, and impact.

Each category will get a winner. Will it be you?

16:45-17:15 Panel discussion with the Award winners

This panel discussion offers attendees a valuable opportunity to gain inspiration, knowledge, and actionable insights from accomplished award winners.

17:15- 19:00 Networking

Don’t forget to exchange contact information with the people you meet! Whether it’s swapping business cards, connecting on social media, or exchanging email addresses, make sure to follow up with your new connections after the event.